What about Postage for my pretty invitations?
One of the first things I tell my brides to be aware of when they are pricing out paper goods, is to keep in mind postage.
It’s a small item that adds to cost, and should be included in the budget.

USPS Postage

Standard First-Class Postage / From 55¢
Best for single-card or standard-sized envelope mailings, such as Save-the-Date Cards, RSVP Return Envelopes and Rehearsal Dinner Invitations.

Square, Oversized, or Unusual Envelopes / From 70¢
Best for your wedding suite, which will have multiple card inserts (invitation, rsvp and detail cards). You will also need this postage if your save-the-dates are square, or an unusual size. Note: some weddings suites may require more than 70¢ stamps, but it is almost always the standard!

Postcard Stamps / From 35¢
Best for postcard mailings, which can be used for save-the-date cards or rsvp return cards.

International Stamps / From $1.15
Required postage for sending something across the pond!

You can purchase stamps at your local post office, or online, where you will most likely find more selection.


Sometimes you want something a little more special than what the Post Office sells, but you aren’t interested in Vintage Postage. Or maybe you want stamps that have your monogram, or even a design to match your suite? There are SO many options for your own custom stamps! Here are just a few to get you started:
1. Shutterfly
2. Minted
3. Etsy
4. Wedding Stamps

Vintage Postage

Vintage Postage is perfect for the bride who is passionate about postage, paper, or just wants to see that extra beautiful touch on her outer envelope!

I exclusively work with Magnolia Postage. She will build a gorgeous, custom set for your suite, that can be organized by color, theme, or both!